May 15, 2009

because a girl's gotta brag

I generally try not to get all picture postey here -I save that for the family blog; plus you know, psycho kidnappers can see this- but I have very adorable children and it would really be a shame not to show them off to the ENTIRE world (or my small number of readers, whatever.)

Except that I'm a cheap-o, and I also like to change the pictures on our wall frequently, so I do all of our photography myself. Some habits just can't be professionally supported.

We'll go oldest to youngest - because that's how life goes. And if you happen to be a middle child (like myself) you just get used to being second best....or second in line I mean. Ok, I don't really feel that way - I actually like being the middle child because then I can socially justify my need to be an obnoxious attention getting rule breaker. I just wish I could do the job more effectively...

So getting back to my kids. Here is Two Bits:

I know, she's gorgeous (even if she is the female version of her father.) She turns six this summer and she normally has curly hair, but we straightened it for the pictures. Because when you have natural curl you must straighten it for special occasions when all straight haired people do theirs curly - it's in the curly hair handbook.

Next in the family is Opie:

He is 4 1/2. I know you can't see his face in this picture, but for some reason I really love it. I think it's the door...and the lighting....and because he's wearing a fedora so there's really no way to go wrong with this.

I was thinking about getting myself a fedora, but then I tried one on at the store, and realized that fedoras are head minimizing hats, and that chipmunk cheeked people (me) should really stay away. Unless you have 4 1/2 year old chipmunk cheeks, in which case you can totally pull it off.

So then comes the Monkey. Except that 2 year olds are very hard to photograph. He wouldn't hold still, and then when we got him to stand upright and front-facing for more than 2 seconds he would pull weird faces. Or poses. Like this: With his hand up his shirt, it's not really a picture you can hand out to grandmas - you know what I mean?

And then, of course, seconds after I snapped the self-exposing picture, he ran off and we got this little gem:

Yup, that's my son. You do realize that we don't call him "Monkey" just for fun? And whatever was up with the one eye wider than the other? I don't know if that can be blamed on his past eye surgery, or if perhaps he's just crazy. Probably the latter.

Finally, we got him to sit and stare at Husband's phone while it played ringtones:
I would have preferred a smile - but you saw our options.

Lastly is our little Number Four:

She turns one in a matter of days. (That year went by fast.)

I must admit that I am in love with her baby blues. I had to take her in for allergy testing the other day because she thinks gluten is poison, and upon explaining to the allergy specialist that all of our kids develop on weird time tables he immediately said, "Yeah, I noticed that her eyes are too far apart, is that.......?" The trailing off could have been because I was glaring at him - I'm not sure.

But don't worry, I'm not taking anything that weenie had to say seriously. We've seen geneticists, pediatric developmental specialists, countless therapists, not to mention we have a really great regular pediatrician we see constantly. If anyone is going to convince me there's something wrong with the spacing of her eyes it's NOT going to be coming from a guy who studies sneezing and peanut butter.

So there you go. Now you can flood my comment section with your adoring praises, because I really do have the cutest kids the world has ever seen. (Please don't leave a comment if you are a psychotic kidnapper - just be warned, I know Kung Fu and my husband owns a baseball bat.)


Heidi Ashworth said...

They are all adorable! (We happen to like kids with widely spaced eyes and one eye bigger than the other kind of scenarios around here.)

wonder woman said...

Awww!Your kids really are adorable! Love your photo skills, too. And your baby does have gorgeous eyes. (I don't think they're too far apart.) My baby has sparkling blue eyes, too, and I just love them.

I promise not to kidnap any of them.

cc said...

So cute...where did you take these? It's a great backdrop. I love the outfits on Two Bits and Opie (and the straight hair) nice work.

RhondaLue said...

those. kids. are. perfect! Even the baby and her baby blues. She looks perfectly normal to me but I'm just a baby adorer so whatev.

We've dealt with lots of therapists too and developmental peds, etc. big. fun. lol

Seriously, Gorgeous kids!

debilyn said...

holy cow...your kids are absolutely gorgeous!!

I'd be showing them off, too =)

(your photography skills make me drool just a little bit)

Rachel said...

Those are some serious baby blues. Oh, and by the way, if I had photag skills like yours I wouldn't pay anyone either. . .

Barbaloot said...

OKay-not only are your kids darling, but that fact that you're the amazing photographer is AWESOME! Love the shots---and it's true. You can't go wrong with a fedora:)

Brooke said...

Melissa, I love the pics and what would I do to become a woman of many talents, such as yourself....I do try, but I should really stop, the result is usually catastrophic! Your children are beautiful and I kind of feel like their long lost Auntie. Oh and from the "wet ear" blog, why has an event as hilarious as this slipped my mind? I am so curious as to who it was? Was it brownie boy? or perhaps an Enterpriser? And is was D doing the "studying" right?!?

marisa said...

I love the photos! Do you want to come take mine and change them every 4 months for me?

LisAway said...

Wow. Those are great shots. Totally look professional. The kids are extremely cute, too. Eyes too far apart? I don't see it.

Emmy said...

Great pictures! No wonder why you take your own, these are great!