May 1, 2009

something free and a lovely button

In case you didn't know - today is friday. As of 51 minutes ago, according to my clock. Which also means that I'm doing my very first FREEEEEBIE FRIDAY over at Green Jello with Carrots.

You can get this, all day, for free:

If you teach a Young Women's class, you really need to have this. It's handout ideas for lessons 16-19 (manual 1.) There are two ideas per lesson, and they come as pdf files so that all you have to do is:


2. Watch the little download bar go.

3. Open file

4. See that they're all situated on a page so that you can print up to 4 at a time.


6. CUT

And did I mention that today it's all FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE? But tomorrow it's going to cost money, so get over there already.


Here is a button, for those of you who are my real friends and will advertise for me at no cost. I better see this thing everywhere!!!!! Ok, really, if you put this on your blog I will love you until the day we're all sitting around in the Celestial Kingdom tying baby quilts. (I'll love you after that too, know....eternity and all that stuff.)

I don't know how to do that little code thingy, so just steal the graphic and then link it, ok?

Link to:

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, and thanks.

And on a completely unrelated note - - I swear I saw a guy wearing Hammer Pants today. I was innocently looking out my front window and a man wearing super baggy, totally looks a parachute in your crotch, pants got into his car down the street.

I threw up a little.

Not that I never wore Hammer Pants myself, but that was when M.C. Hammer actually existed. But now? Really?

That's just gross.


Claire said...

DAMMIT! I'm late, aren't I? :(

bobatharoo said...

I can vouch for your MC Hammer days and yes, I do remember you in those things in SEVERAL different colors and patterns. You have the coolest mom ever!!