Jan 7, 2009

some odd goings on

Weird stuff is going on here today and I'm starting to get a leeeetle bit freaked out.

Example number one:

Every school day I let the two little ones nap until the very second that I have to pick up Two Bits from school. And we can't be late picking her up, because we have to be back in time to get Opie off of the bus. It's a very complicated process.

Ok, it's not really. Kind of a pain though.

So, today, it's time to go. I grab my phone off the desk, put it into my hoodie pocket and head to the bathroom really quickly before grabbing the sleeping kids.

Fast forward a few minutes.

I'm sticking Number Four in her carrier carseat when I see Monkey pick up one of those foam puzzle piece thingies....a little one....one he particularly loves to chew and could possibly choke on. But instead of eating it, he brings it over and drops it behind the baby in the carseat. Problem solved.

Fast forward another minute.

We're walking into the garage, and I reach into my hoodie pocket where I also stashed the car keys and realize that my phone isn't in my pocket at all. But instead there is the SAME EXACT little foam piece.

So where's my phone?

On top of a pile of clean Monkey pajamas sitting on our dining room table.

Totally obvious spot, no? Yeah, that took a few minutes to find. And seriously....WHAT THE HECK?!!

So then I'm thinking, "Ok, I'm either going completely insane and did these things without engaging my brain....or I'm some kind of magician and didn't even know it." I was going with the first option, but you never really know.

BUT THEN, it gets creepier.

Ok, just a little bit.

Example number two:

Husband is at the store (we were totally out of diapers, and you know how big of a crisis that can be.) Opie doesn't want to sleep, even though bedtime was an hour and a half earlier, and he's alternating between screaming in his room and coming downstairs to cry.

Then he chooses to yell "MOOOOMMMMMY" from his room. Loudly. And you need to know that I am one of those paranoid mothers that has multiple monitors. One in the boys' room and one in our room for when Number Four is in there without us.

So I'm hearing "Mommy!" over and over and over again through the boys' monitor. But I'm choosing to ignore it. Not because I think he'll stop if I do, but because HOLY COW, I'm tired of this. BUT THEN (this will be better if you play some creepy music in your head) I hear a whispered, very articulate "mommy" come through the baby's monitor. The monitor that is in a completely OTHER room. And immediately after, the baby starts crying.

You're thinking that Opie went in there, don't you? Nope. He was still in his bed, yelling.

So once I dealt with the yeller, I went into my bedroom and woke the baby up even more by flipping on all the lights and searching all of the places a creepy whispering psycho would hide. Luckily, we have a lot of junk in our room (like under the bed) which eliminates a lot of hiding places. And luckily there was so no psycho in there.....seeing as I was completely unarmed and totally stupid for actually looking for him. (Like all the dumb chicks in the movies that open doors really slowly when you know the crazy dude is RIGHT THERE, and oh my gosh how could people be that dumb, run girl run, AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!)

And I would love to insert a creepy example three right here, but I'm really hoping that nothing else happens.

Oh and did I mention that sometimes our monitors interfere with each other? And that I'm also a huge scatterbrained idiot that sets my phone stupid places like on top of clean pajamas? But still.....so creeeeeeeeepy, right?


Tiff said...

Holy crap that's creepy!!!!!!!!! here's hoping there are no more incidents!

LisAway said...

You have me all freaked out!! I thought maybe one of the older kids came in and said mommy.

Freaky, freaky! Especially when you write that you put you phone in your pocket with such surety. How can we doubt! You didn't!

lifeinthehighlands.com said...

Maybe you have a ghost--a friendly ghost. Like we did. Okay, we didn't. But we used to joke that we did when completely explainable, but rather odd, things used to happen at our house.

Heather (n.) An organized mess. said...

My apartment has a door separating the living room from the rest of my apartment. It's nice, actually. I like it that way. Anyway, I usually leave it open. I went grocery shopping one day and when I come back that door is closed and I can distinctly make out the words "Are you ready for this?" on the door. But it isn't actually written on the door. It's as if someone used some sort of temporary paint for a party and then cleaned it off but it left the lettering visible because it discolored the door somehow. I've had that door shut LOTS of time and I've NEVER seen it there before. It scared the poop out of me and I made my friend's hubby look through my apartment. Nobody was there, of course. But ready for what? When? WHO?

Barbaloot said...

I am a little bit creeped out. But mostly by the fact that you are a magician and didn't even realize it. How does something like that happen?!

Tracy said...

LOL! I think the whisper was the crazy person behind the shower curtain that waits until you're done peeing to jump out!!!!! He moved your phone, too!!!!

Claire said...

Sorry - I beat you on crazy-assed baby monitor stories.

I'd put my girls to bed. They were all asleep. And I go downstairs and coming through the monitor was a MAN'S voice. Saying the Lord's prayer. CLear as a bell.

After turning the air blue with expletives (am i the only one that is surprised to find out that I know a lot of choice swear words in times of crisis, or in extreme cases of fright, as in this case?) I ran upstairs to find (obvisouly) no-one there.

Anyhoo. Turns out I had it on the wrong frequency, and it must have been some guy saying a prayer with his kid before bed time.

Well. I hope. It's the reasoning I cling to. I don't don't do spooky very well.. :(

If you're feeling scared next time, you just call me on the piece of foam and i'll make sure you're alright.

Motherboard said...

I was just reading this-- all engrossed-- when MY cell phone started to ring. I nearly jumped right out of my skin, it scared the tar out of me!!

Maybe its the aliens in the sky that use baby monitors to communicate? Maybe, just maybe they are starting to figure out how to speak our lingo.

You better put tinfoil hats on everyones heads so they can't read your thoughts now.


RhondaLue said...

Ok I mosied (sp?) on over here from wonderwomans blog...and I have to tell you I love your blog, so funny! But I'm in a dark room reading on a laptop and you've even creeped ME out with this post. spoooooky!