Jan 5, 2009

I'm going to shoot the sky

...if I weren't afraid that more snow would fall out of the bullet hole.

Why is it snowing so much today? WHY?!!! Oh yeah, that's right, because it's the first day back to school and I actually have to leave my house.

I just had to scrape a snow-shovel-wide path down our front sidewalk so that Opie (the new "Screamer" thanks, Jen) could get to his bus. And then I still had to carry him over the mounds in the road to get on it. He has short legs. The kid would have never made it on his own.

But the sky is not done, and the snow continues to fall.

Would you believe that yesterday we didn't have a single flake anywhere on our residence? Stupid weather.

In a completely unrelated note, I beat my husband 10 to 3 last night at Electronic Guess Who EXTRA. My kids got the game for Christmas - it's way more fun than the old Guess Who because you get to push buttons for 'yes' and 'no.' Also you can choose from different casts of characters, which is a killer upgrade. And most importantly I totally rock at it.

That's right - I ROCK at a game that is marked "ages 6 and up" on the box. I'm the coolest person alive...

My husband, on the other hand, is not so rock-ish when it comes to guessing cartoon characters and pushing buttons. At one point he goes, "I'm getting confused." To which I stated, "Oh come on, our five year old plays this with her imaginary friend!!!" Because it's true. And shockingly this imaginary friend always seems to lose. Just like my husband.

Ok ok, he did get 3 wins in there.

But I think it's safe to say that my Guess Who playing abilities are beyond comparison. Which really doesn't help the fact that the snowflakes just got thicker and more abundant. So I'm either going to go find the gun or close the blinds......depending on how lazy I feel after I grab myself some lunch.


wonder woman said...

please don't shoot the sky. i have a dfinate feeling that it will just mean more s***, if you catch my drift. (no pun intended! MAN I'm funny.)

but way to go on the guess who?! My husband I like to play the 2 person version of settlers of catan, where he always kicks my trash. But the last time we played, I WON. To be fair, I asked myself the entire time, "what would HE do?" then did it, but I still beat him!! totally awesome. I love beating my husband at stuff. So totally feelin' ya there.

good luck with the snow.

Tracy said...


I got totally sucked into Scrabble. It's KILLING me!!!! My friend Summer challenged me to a game on Facebook, and since then I've bought the Scrabble game on Yahoo games and I'm just DETERMINED to get the high point words. 15 points??? Waste of time. It has to be at least 20 points to be worth it.

I swear! It seems like one thing after another just sucks me in and I can't get my stuff done. You don't think that's just my way of procrastinating, do you???

Jen said...

You picked my name! The honor is almost too much to bear...

And I LOVE Guess Who?! I would LOVE an upgraded electronic version! I would kick your husband's (and probably mine's) trash all over the place, I just know it.

'Cause I rock games that say "6 and up" too. Do you suppose we're secretly related?

Sue said...

I just saw your post from the 12th. I left you a comment there, hope you'll see it (emailed you too, just in case).

Claire said...

Guess Who sucks. I'm rubbish at it. I prefer Kerplunk. You can stab your opponent with those sharp sticks too, which is fun.

lifeinthehighlands.com said...

It's supposed to snow on Friday. Again. I don't think your gun threat worked. Maybe you could do a snow, snow, go away dance. Someone has got to make it stop.