Feb 15, 2013

submit suggestions here

I'm attempting a life makeover.  It's kind of not that easy.  But it's not like I'm changing everything.  Just mostly stuff like priorities, sleeping habits, and other small things, you know,  like my name.

I'm actually looking for name suggestions, if you have some.  But there are some rules:

1- It can't be boring.  I've been "Melissa" for a long time now, and I have to say that it's really not a name that impresses a classroom full of second graders.

2- It can't use the letters U or Y.  Just because I've decided not to use them.  And I'm still iffy on using a K.

3- The name should symbolic of something magical.  But not anything nerdy.  Just because I believe in unicorns and a secret underworld full of lizard people doesn't mean I'm a dweeb.

4- It has to be at least 3, but no more than 7 syllables.  Let's just say I want it to be a mouthfull.

I'm also thinking about a blog redesign.  Like, maybe if it's pretty, it will be easier to get back to sharing my inner most thoughts here?  And also because a life makeover means changes have happened and I need to update things anyway.

However, I'm not sure what kind of design I want to go with.  I'm thinking maybe something super simple though.  Partly because I'm in a simplicity mode, and partly because I'm too lazy to do something complex.

What do you think?


Barbaloot said...

Well, I was gonna suggest Madame Mim---which happens to fit all four of your specifications perfectly. But I decided I don't want you to use it. Cuz if I ever change my name, it's gonna be to that. So...don't steal it. But good luck coming up with something!!

elesa said...

If I was going to change my name, it would be to Hogbreath. No reason. Except that I would find it hilarious to introduce myself. I would have people call me "Ms. Hogbreath" It is only 3 sylables though, but don't worry, you can always go with "Badgerbreath" which would sound nice with your last name.

J. said...

Hmm, I would say, Beezow Doo Doo, but that's already been taken--no seriously--and he was supposedly arrested so might not be a good one for ya. How about Hippolyta from Greek mythology. Or one of the other famous Amazons--Orithyia, Antiope or Melanippe. Found you on MMB.

Jen said...