Feb 4, 2013

breath, roots tech, other stuff....

Right now my breath tastes horrible.  I can only imagine how bad it smells.  I wonder if I could actually kill small mammals with it?  But finding out would require locating a small mammal, and I think I'm just going to brush my teeth instead.

So guess who's going to Roots Tech this year?  With a press pass?  ME.  I'm really excited because I hear that it's awesome there.  And they just announced that Syd Lieberman is going to be one of the thursday morning keynote speakers, and I really really like him. 

I think you guys should all come with me to Roots Tech, so go and get an early bird ticket before the 15th.  Because cheaper is always better.

Did you know that you can't lodge an official complaint to the USPS?  At least they wouldn't let me.  I was really mad at them because I ordered a white suit for Opie's baptism last weekend, and I paid for express shipping so we'd have it a few days before we needed it.  And then THE USPS LOST IT and we had to call 3 different post offices, and talk to about 7 different people, and then finally got someone nice who found it and let us pick it up about a half hour before we left our house for the stake center.  And they wouldn't even put my complaint on record.  I'm totally using FedEx from now on.

Since it's been so snowy and cold lately Husband has been taking the car every day instead of the bus.  So he's also in charge of picking Monkey up from kindergarten.  But it's finally warming up a teensy, so I get the car again, and I've decided to break the parking rules at our school.  They want parents to just parallel park along the side of the road, which isn't super easy because it's a dead end street with sporadic sidewalks and mounds of dirty snow. 

And not all of us are good at parallel parking anyway.

So I used to leave the house really early just so I could get a spot before everyone else came.  Which was sort of annoying.  And not always possible.

But they also have a turnabout for buses.  Except that there is ONE bus and whole lot of turnabout.  So now I just leave my house at the right time, and I park behind the bus.  Even though that's breaking "parent parking conduct".  It's super awesome, because I don't have to deal with any other cars.  Because apparently I'm the only one that isn't bothered by breaking stupid rules.

I wonder how long it will take before someone tells me to stop?


elesa said...

You're a rebel. The absolute worst thing about school is picking my boy up. It really makes me kind of crazy. Ours is a dead end street too. What were they thinking?

And I have no idea what Roots Tech is, but I'll go find out.

Rachel Ward said...

Think you could sneak me in just to hear Sid Liberman? :)