Sep 18, 2012

life makes me cranky

I am no longer planning my life.  You heard me.  I PLAN NOTHING from here on out.  No long term plans, no short term goals.  Heck, I have no idea if I'll even finish this sentence.  Because I am not planning ANYMORE.

Also, do you want to know what I think is really stupid.  Not just regular really stupid either.  Really REALLLLY stupid.  "The Secret."  I mean, I figured it was lame.  But now I know for sure.  It's really really stupid.

Also, does anyone have any experience with broken feet?  Or just one broken foot.  Not plural.  Because I think I broke one.  Because I was being stupid.  And I was trying to move a large piece of furniture over a toilet in a cramped bathroom.  And no, I'm not giving out details of that story because I already told you - I WAS BEING STUPID.  And so I dropped an armoire on my foot, and I'm pretty sure it broke.  Or was really close to broken.  And I kept it up and wrapped it and stuff for like 3 weeks, and it got better-ish.  And now suddenly, after the better-ish, it's hurting lots again.  So, what the heck?

Also, I teach a class of 9 year olds on sunday, and last week I was super cranky and I yelled at one of the girls in my class.  And I think I scared her.  But she was mocking Johnny Lingo, and I just can't handle that kind of crap.

Also, my husband knew that I was once again cranky today (ok fine - I've been cranky for like 6 weeks in a row now- SO WHAT?!) and he bought me a little plush Tardis that makes the noise.  And it's awesome.  Because sometimes my husband is awesome.  (And sometimes he's why I'm cranky.)

Also, I shattered ANOTHER glass in my sink today.  Because I think our sink is made out of some kind of space age 1930's porcelain.  We're down like 5 glasses in just over a year of living here.  I'm going to have to start drinking out of cups shaped like ducks and Mickey Mouse heads, because our plastic cups are all weird shaped like that. 

Also, an egg committed suicide in my kitchen today.  All I did was grab the carton out of the fridge, and I was just holding it when an egg forced the lid open and jumped to it's death.  And it almost hit my foot - the jerk.  I think our eggs would be less suicidal if they came from cage free chickens.

And now possibly, I'll go to bed.  But I'm not sure, because I'm not planning anything.  All I know is that I'm going to get up from the computer and maybe walk in the general direction of my bedroom.  MAYBE.  Maybe I won't.  You'll never know, because I'm all non-planning now.  My life is a big open sack of possibilities.....maybe I'll brush my teeth......maybe aliens will abduct me......will the suspense kill me?  WHO KNOWS?!


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

Love this post. Ive been feeling this same way lately. Super annoyed with everything and just over it. Get that foot looked at!

Rachel Ward said...

Amen. And you maybe should go to the dr. And if it makes you feel better I do stupid stuff like that all the time. And while it has never resulted in a broken foot, I have had to deal with an incredibly painful wrist.

Caroline Bingham said...

Ooh! Ooh! I have experience with broken feet, plural. I think you should get a motor powered wheelchair.