Sep 5, 2012

just another back to school post

I always have mixed feelings when my kids go back to school.  It's more peaceful for me when they're gone, but I kind of miss them.  Plus I don't get to sleep in - and that's what is really important.

My kids are in fourth, second, and all day kindergarten this year.  And Number Four should be in preschool but I made an executive parenting decision to not let her go.  Because I want her to stay here.  With me.  So we can hang out.

Number Four's special ed teachers want her to be in a 4-day a week class this year.  It's what we did in Boise with the boys, and it was super helpful and good for them.  But I'm still not letting her go.  Because I realized that it's kind of nice having just one kid around.  And she's lots of fun.  And we can go to the zoo, or play with her cousin, or hang out and put clips in each other's hair.  And she didn't really want to go anyway.  And I have lots more justifications when really I just didn't want her to be gone because she's my baby and I'm being selfish.

But I'm mostly ok with being selfish.

Especially since she's the only kid left who still thinks I'm the coolest person on earth.  All the other kids think their teachers or friends are way more awesome than me, so I'm holding onto Number Four as long as possible.

She's ok with it too.  Mostly.  Except about once a day she'll come get right in my face and say, "I am not having fun yet!  This is too boring."  So I have to find some piggy printables for her, or we play a game, or I just tickle her for a few minutes and then she's good.

Here are some pictures of my kids' first day of school (because I KNOW you want to see them):

This monkey has lots of monkey shirts to wear to kindergarten.  Because monkeys are the best.  He includes monkeys when he's saying prayers.  He'll say, "thank you for monkeys, and thank you for monkeys with glasses, and thank you for monkeys that are babies because them are so cute."  He's also always grateful for breakfast, but that doesn't include monkeys at all.

This girl's feet grew a size and a half over the summer, totally not joking.  Also we had to buy her a whole new wardrobe at the outlet stores on Labor Day because she's a giant.  Or just getting older.  Also, she made me extremely proud yesterday when she brought home an invitation to be in her school's "gifted" class for "advanced learners".  When she handed me the teacher's note at first I thought it was for special ed services, because all of my kids have required so many special services in the past.  When I realized she was being invited into a group especially for braniac kids I was so happily proud that I started crying and my kids thought I was a complete weirdo until I told them that I wasn't really crying I had just accidentally poked myself in both of my eyes. 

This one is super excited to be in second grade.  Really.  His best friend is in his class again this year, and so is the boy we carpool with who he likes to play with after school.  Also his teacher's name is Mrs. Lemon, but she's super non-lemon-like and is totally sweet to the kids.  The only reason he looks tortured in the picture is because, "Mommy the sun is bright out here!  Mommy why do you have to take pictures?!  Mommy, aaaaaah!!  MOMMMMMMY!!!!"

And here they are all together being adorable:

And there you have it.  Back to school for another year.  But now you'll have to excuse me because I'm needed in the other room to play with some piggy finger puppets  (Number Four is obsessed with pigs and answers to the name "Piggy Queen" - not "princess" - or "your royal piggy highness").


elesa said...

Aw, liking your kids enough to want to keep them home from school, that is the dream!

RhondaLue said...

Love your zoomed in shots and commentary!! HA HA HA!! The kids are darling, sun in their eyes or not!