Jun 17, 2011

love letters

Dear Moving to Utah,

I hate you.

You're ruining my life.

With Eternal Detestation,

Dear Ghost in My House,

I know you're there.

Quit trying to be all sneaky.

I purposely do NOT fall asleep every night so that you CANNOT come and touch me while I'm unconscious.  Because, that's FREAKY and could totally happen because I understand how ghosts like you work.

Also, if you're going to be here, could you please just clean something or make yourself useful somehow?

Thanks a bunch,

The Paranoid One

Dear Everyone Who Has a Baby,

Go enter the Cutest Baby Photo Contest brought to you by The Barrel of Blogs and Leelou.

You only have a few days left in which to enter.  And you'll want to win, because we have cool prizes.  And also because Leelou and me?  WE'RE AWESOME.

And then you can enter the giveaways during the big Baby Shower next week.

Sometimes I Get to do Cool Things

Dear Compassionate People,

Also next week, Green Jello with Carrots is donating all of their proceeds to Love for Slater which will help pay the hospital bills of a little boy who fell out of a two story window and landed head-first on concrete (yes, it was as bad as it sounds).

My mom goes to church with the little boy's mom, and I guess the little boy is doing better but still in a drug induced coma while his brain tries to stop swelling.

Scary stuff.

So yeah, if you want to help, you can buy stuff at Green Jello with Carrots or just donate here.

Many Thanks From,
This is Why I Love Blogging and Being Able to Help People Online

Dear Moving to Utah,

I still hate you.

die. Die. DIE.



Kristina P. said...

So, I'm getting the feeling you're excited to move to Utah! Yay!

Rachel Sue said...

You are a good person. Seriously. Also, I really am sorry you have to move. So not fun.

Jennifer said...

Oh Melissa! You'll be fine... Just move to Bountiful and can hang cause I'm in Centerville! Yay!

TisforTonya said...

maybe if you moved to SOUTHERN Utah it would be better...

Jen said...

I agree about Southern Utah. It is awesome. We have lots of splash pads.

Sadly, we baby moms are about two weeks behind on the google reader, so we missed the deadline for the photo shoot, and even if we knew about it in time, we might have had to blenderize apricots and stone cherries and wipe bums so much that we couldn't squeeze in a photo shoot anyway. And by we, I just mean me.

Alice Wills Gold said...

So, I just moved to Orem 3 months ago and it's not so bad.

I followed you. Just thought you would LOVE to follow me back. LOL

Really, call me. I need new friends.