Aug 2, 2010

two really great things

This is more of a relay of information post.  But it will still be worth reading - I PROMISE.

Distance for Davis   Distance for Davis   Distance for Davis

First of all, you need to check out the Distance for Davis fundraiser going on this week in Kaysville, Utah.  And also take note that on my Green Jello with Carrots blog I have announced that we will be donating ALL of our proceeds this week to Davis's family.  (And when I say "take note" I mean, go order something so we have more money to donate!  AND NOW.)


Second of all, I have a really super awesome great deal to share with you.  I'm not normally a deal sharer, but this one is fab-O-uloso!

Picaboo Promotional Banner

That's a free book.  A Picaboo large classic book.  FREE.  (That's a $30 value, people.) 

To get it, you have to be a new member to Picaboo and you HAVE TO ABSOLUTELY MUST click on that ad thingy from my website ('cause I make like 25 cents if you get one - WHOOOOO, money!!)  And they will email you a code to get the free book.  (And if you don't get that email, just let me know, because I'm all sorts of important and already know it.)

If you've never done a photobook before DO NOT be intimidated.  It's stinking super easy.  They have picture layouts all ready for you to drop pictures into.  (Or you can do your own page designs, if you want, which I usually want, but that's just me.)

So first go to the Distance for Davis website, then go to my Green Jello with Carrots website and BUY SOMETHING, and then click on that Picaboo box and get your FREE book.

See, totally worth reading.  I've never lied to you, I don't know why you doubted this post was chocked full of useful information (as ALL my posts are).

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