Aug 14, 2010

not that it's shocking, but I'm seriously weird

I'm not looking forward to sending my kids back to school.  I know this is not a natural parental response, but can we extend summer a couple months?

My non-excitement may have something to do with getting to sleep in every morning.  And that I don't have to dress my kids if we aren't leaving the house.  And that I'm just not ready.

Luckily, we still have until the end of the month, and we have a last hurrah planned that will hopefully not turn into a cranky screamfest (cross your fingers, it involves nature, therefore I may be cranky and scream about it.)

The only good thing about going back to school is clothes shopping.  Unless you're poor.  Like us.  Then it's just a big chore.  But one that has occupied a few good days in the pursuit of online deals.  And if it's one thing I adore, it's online deals.

I used to have this really good friend named Ebay.  And I'd say, "Hey Ebay, find a good deal for me."  And then he would show me 3 pairs of Gap jeans for only $5.00.  But then a year or so ago, Ebay got a little stingey and when I would ask for a deal, he would just say, "Nope.  Instead you have to pay $25.87 for these used, faded, smelly-looking, toddler Converse sneakers.  Oh, and shipping is an extra $10.00."  So then I broke up with Ebay.

But I'm a forgiving person.  And it only took me about a year to get over it and give Ebay another chance.  And it actually paid off.  Amazingly so.  Ebay and I are on good terms again.

You see these boots:

Yeah, the kids aren't too shabby.  But the boots?  AMAAAAAAAZING!!!  I loved those things.  So I made Two Bits where them to death.  On the day the zipper finally gave out with a dramatic ripping and snapping, I threw open my arms and screamed to the heavens, "Curse you chunky ankles!!!!"  Even though Two Bits ankles are perfectly proportionate, and not chunky at all.  But it was a sad sad day, and something had to be blamed.

But the other night I was hanging out with Ebay at 1 AM, since there is nothing better to do than look for amazing online deals at 1 AM, and I found the SAME EXACT BOOTS in Two Bits current size.

It was fate.

I even got up at 8:00 the next morning to make sure I won them.  Someone tried to outbid me within the last 9 seconds.  Fool.  Like I would give up those boots so easily.

With the other deals I found on Ebay, combined with a super deal on tshirts at The Children's Place ($4.25 a piece, killer no?)  And some $10.00 jeans at Old Navy.  Plus some creative patching/sewing projects that will hopefully not turn into horrible fabric massacres.  And my kids have new clothes for school, and I didn't even have to bankrupt us to do it.  Yay.

It's just too bad they have to go back to school so soon.


Heather said...

Solution: Home school. At night.

Kristina P. said...

I worked with a guy named Ebay. true story.

Jen said...

I'm so glad my kids aren't in school til next year. Our county district started school this last Wednesday. Crazy! The county fair wasn't even over yet.

Barbaloot said...

My mom was always sad for us to go back to school, too. Nice to hear about a mom that feels the same way:)

Melanie J said...

I love me a good deal.

Cynthia said...

I have mixed feelings about school starting. We had a crappy summer and I was hoping to end it on a positive note. Instead, I'm rushing around trying to get the kids new bedrooms in the basement ready to go and get them moved in BEFORE school starts. No more time left for fun! School starts in 1 1/2 weeks.

LisAway said...

Oh how awesome! Before Aaron was born I bought a blanket for him at a thrift store in the states. He ended up loving it SO MUCH and it was starting to show signs of wear. I was elated when I found ONE up for bid on eBay. I got it, of course.

Those boots are quite darling. As you say, the kids aren't too bad either. :)

Claire said...

I'm glad the kids have to wear uniforms here! Sounds like way too much effort in the mornings!