Sep 1, 2009

good news

My kids started school this week.


Two Bits started first grade on monday, and I put Opie ('Screamer' or whatever you want to call him) on the bus for the first time at exactly 12:35 tomorrow afternoon. I would tell you how many seconds that is from now, except that my math skills are horribly inadequate (I blame this on graphing calculators, and my 8th grade algebra teacher who told us it was ok to look at the answers in the back of the book.)

I want to thank everyone for their awesome comments on the last post.

It seems that I am not alone in the mommy-hating-hood. And I'm probably also not alone in thinking that I was the only one in that hood before the half (ok, mostly) crazed post written amidst my mothering funk.

I think we all feel alone in this because when we see other moms who ask, "You're kids are so cute, what a great mom you are! So how are you today?" You can't really answer that question with, "Please excuse me while I throw this shoe and scream profanities to declare my complete disgust with parenting."

(By the way, I don't scream profanities. Or throw shoes. But BOY have I wanted to.)

I think I'm going to start a movement. A movement of mothers who tell eachother how they actually feel. Instead of putting on their happy mommy faces, that society has deemed we must wear, and pretend that we have it all under control.

And now I know how you all feel, there's really no faking it. Sorry, but you have to join my movement. At least when you're around me (which happens all the time, right?) Except, of course, if my mommy-brain kicks in like usual and I forget all about this. Which is actually highly likely. It seems that 2.7 seconds is about my average memory retention and then all info goes to.....who knows where. I'm betting it all goes to Wisconsin though. Because it's probably pretty sure I'll never look for it there.

In an attempt to get my life a bit more under control (so that I don't have to answer everyone who says, "How are you?" with too much negativity) I created a great new school schedule (with pictures) and a kid chore chart (more pictures) and a whole behavior=consequences thing (yes, I drew a picture of underwear with the word NO repeated around it to remind my son there is a consequence for pooping his pants.) And among those consequences I've decided that if I or Husband yell at the kids then we have to pay them a penny, each, and for every time.

Which reminds me - I owe my kids money.

So anyways, I'm feeling a bit better. Because as much fun as my little breakdowns are, I think I'd like postpone my next one for a while.

And thanks again for openly accepting me into the 'hood.' And if you ever see me clutching a shoe.....well, you've been warned.


Emmy said...

Good for you. Having the kids in school now really will help to :)
Hope your kids to get too rich ;)

Alison Wonderland said...

Yup, yup and yup.

Claire said...

Sometimes I feel like lobbing a steel toe-capped boot. Does this make me a REALLY bad mum?