Sep 11, 2009

ducks, lyrics and bandaids

Our kids have a duck bathroom. We've had the duck stuff ever since we had kids (like when we just had one bathroom and I still thought kid stuff was that I'm surrounded by kid stuff....ugh.)

Part of the decor is a duck shaped rug/bath mat on the floor. And ever since we got it I cannot use the toilet or shower with it staring up me. It seriously creeps me out. Never mind the other billions of duck eyes in that bathroom. It's just the rug.

So I used to flip the duck beak up over it's eyes so it couldn't see me. Now, if I ever have to use that bathroom I just step on it's eyes until I'm done. Either that or shove an article of clothing over it, because, with it being the kids bathroom, there's guaranteed to be some kind of dirty clothing near by.


I think that Cake has some of the most interesting lyrics. Maybe it's just because I've never seriously thought about the benefits of wearing a short skirt and a long jacket.

They Might Be Giants are weirder though, lyrically speaking (ok, probably all the way speaking, but still...) Remember the song 'Minimum Wage'?

INSERT MUSIC CLIP HERE (couldn't find one....didn't look too hard. Good song though.)

Primus has had some weird lyrics too. 'Too Many Puppies'? I'm not really sure what that means. And Number Four likes rocking out to 'Jerry was a Racecar Driver'. Although I wouldn't really recommend having your young children listen to Primus, that was Husband's idea. But it was pretty cute watching our one year old try to head bang.


Monkey seems destined to a lifetime of bandaid wearing. Not because he's injured. However he's excellent at falling or running into things (heaven has dispatched a league of guardian angels to constantly watch over my boys - it is the only possible explanation for the absence of stitches and broken bones.)

He did actually scrape his knee a week ago. There was minimal blood, but he got a bandaid for it anyway. And now he freaks out if we take it off.

Last night Husband removed it to give the kid a shower. Monkey immediately crumpled to the floor in screaming fits. He wouldn't put weight on his faux-injured leg (I'm glad I didn't have to be the one trying to get him to stand in a shower.) After a few minutes of soap, water and torturous screaming Husband handed me our little Monkey wrapped in a towel.

He still wouldn't put weight on his leg, so I carried him to the edge of his bed. He was shaking. Still screaming. Calls of, "Bannay!!" (bandaid) between his banshee wails. If I got closer to his knee he would scream more. He would shake even worse. I tried to convince him that a bandaid was unnecessary.

He wouldn't relent. He just got more distraught.

So I slapped another bandaid on his knee. Immediately he was fine.

And so begins his lifetime of security-blanket-style bandaid wearing.


Barbaloot said...

Yeah---ducks staring would probly creep me out, too. But I do like the little rubber ones sitting in the bathroom my parent's use for grandkids:)

Emmy said...

Oh I have a bandaid girl! Any little bump anything she wants a bandaid. Amazing how quickly it fixes everything. :)

Heather said...

Every time I see Tam's oldest she is sporting a band-aid AND showing it off. "See Auntie... owie."

Chief said...

stock up on the bandaids my friend. My kid is 8 and still has a meltdown if he can't cover a week old bruise with one.

MomBabe said...

The Presidents of the United States has awesome lyrics. "Kitty kitty, scratchin at the screen door."

Rachel Sue said...

My two year old was introduced to band aids the other day. He didn't really know what to think about it.

My five year old, on the other hand will scream and scream and scream at the tiniest drop of blood until it is covered by a band aid.

Claire said...

Ducks are for eating. NOT for staring from the bathroom floor.