Mar 4, 2013

what to read.....?

I haven't been reading as much lately as I used to.  Not that I don't like to ignore the things I should be doing by doing something more entertaining.  Because I do like to do that.  It's just that with the few books that I've actually attempted to read I don't make it too far before getting  bored.


I don't know if my attention span has gotten shorter, or I just haven't found the right books.  It's probably the first one.....but let's pretend that it's not really my fault.

What I think the problem really is that I used to never read.  EVER.  Because I just didn't like to.  And I was pretty busy doing other stuff.  When I was in high school I thoroughly believed in Cliff's Notes and excellent guessing on multiple choice tests.  I'm pretty sure I read only one book from cover to cover during my whole teenage career and it wasn't even for school.

This is where you're probably thinking I was a horrible student.  On the contrary, I graduated with high honors and a full ride scholarship.  Because I was ever so good at guessing on multiple choice tests.  And also, I think my high school was fairly lacking in the whole "we challenge our students" arena.

So now that we've that cleared up let's talk about books again.

I didn't start reading for fun until I was put on bedrest with my last pregnancy.  That was before I knew about Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Instant Video.  We didn't even have cable.  So yeah, I read lots and lots and lots.

And then I kept reading after that because I realized that I actually do like to read.

But then I kind of just stopped reading again.

I think I got busy doing other things again.  Plus I realized my deep and unending love for streaming.  But I want to get back to reading, because I sort of miss it.  And the other day my internet was dead for multiple days in a row and I almost died from the withdrawals.

Is it sad that I can't go for a few days without streaming?  Or would that fall under the "pathetic" category?

Either way I think I should start a new book.  And I've decided to read this:

I liked the style of writing JK Rowling used in all the Harry Potter books, so I'm hoping that I like this too.  And if I get it through the Kindle app on my phone then possibly I'll actually read it the next time I find myself with a little free time.   Maybe.

We'll see how it goes....

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elesa said...

I've heard that the book is quite dirty. So that could either be good news, or bad, depending on what you like. Let me know, because I had wanted to read it too.

Marci J said...

I couldn't get through it. :( And I love to read and loved Harry Potter.

heather said...

I've also heard it's very "adult themed" and dirty. If you get through it, let us know what you thought!