Aug 21, 2011

this post is just about STUFF

I keep remodeling my my head. I even drew up floorplans and elevations and landscape diagrams.

Except that I'm ignoring a couple of crucial details.

1. It costs a lot of money to remodel. Especially when I use the word "remodel" when referring to adding an entire second floor.


2. We don't own this house. Yeah, landlords kind of look down on the concept of tenant wall removal.

But still, I have big plans for this house. BIG PLANS. But like most of my plans, they will never ever, EVER, E.V.E.R. actually happen.

Which really blows.

The landlords have, however, given us permission to improve the yard in anyway we desire.  Which is why I threw in the landscaping diagrams.  But when I approached Husband on the subject, he gave me a big lecture on Exception Number One (the costing money thing) and then went on ignoring the jungle that is our back yard.

Until today, when he said, "We should get chickens!"  And I said, "Where would we put them?"  And he said, "We can build them a chicken coop in the back yard!"  And I said, "So, you're willing to spend money on a CHICKEN COOP, but not on making our yard better for us HUMANS?"

And he wouldn't even want to get chicks.  He wants to jump to full blown chickens.  Which is just a waste of chicken getting, if you ask me.

Plus, I'd rather have a nice yard.

But Husband will hear none of it.  Which kind of makes me want to punch him.

In the eye.

ON THE OTHER HAND, guess what?

I finally have a new edition of The Barrel out!  I KNOW, it's been forever.  But you were all busy being summer-y anyway, right?  So that's ok that it's been forever.

I'm going to have an announcement soon concerning the magazine.  Because it's going to kind of change.  But it's going to be good (you'll like it).  But yeah, for now, just go read this issue.

ALSO, and totally unrelated, I crocheted this really cute shirt and I want to show it off:

Number Four has no future in modeling.  Not because she isn't adorable (because she's obviously THAT) but because the second I tell her she has to model for a picture she gets all grumpy and mean.  And I had to bribe her with candy and make Husband hit himself in the face while he stood behind me just to get her to look in the right direction.

(If you want to crochet this same shirt, I'm actually selling the pattern in my etsy shop.  Because, I think it's cute.  So naturally, I think you all want to make it too.)


Rachel Sue said...

Have you read Big Plans? (BIG PLANS, I SAY!)

You must.

Kristina P. said...

I think it's time to buy a house and lay down roots in Utah. You will be here the rest of your life.

Cynthia said...

I second Kristina's suggestion. I have a friend who has been renting a townhouse with a family of 6 for 13 years because she's CONVINCED she's only here temporarily. Note-Utah is the new Hotel California!

Barbaloot said...

Super cute shirt!
It'd be fun to figure out how to add a whole new story to a house. I think if I did that---I'd make it one, big open room with hardwood floors.