Nov 11, 2010

loritab puncuation (two things I don't get)

I've had a drug-induced migraine for 3....ish....days now.  It could be 4 days.  What day is it?

My kids are completely inconsiderate of the fact that my head has been at the point of exploding and my stomach contents are about to be on display (because puking, or the feeling there of, also comes with migraines - the JOY).

Yesterday I said, "The next person to make a noise is going to lose their head."

And I said it really scary-like too.  And I'm scary.  SO SCARY.

The kids just gave me their, 'are you serious?' eyebrows and said, "What is that even supposed to mean?  You're going to come cut our heads off?  With what?"

And then I gave them the evil-glare-of-torturous-death as they ran away MAKING NOISE.  Obviously my evil-glare-of-torturous-death is having less and less effect on them.

Thankfully my crazy eyeball pills, that are partly to blame for said migraine, will be iced on monday.  (Yes, I said, "iced" as in "fitted with concrete boots and thrown into the river".)  Because I'm finally having my surgery.  I know, IT'S. ABOUT. TIME.

But that also means that I exchange the drug-induced migraine for a 2-week-mutant-vampire-eyeball. 

At my pre-op appointment I asked for a prescription of loritab (or something similar-ish) and the pre-op lady was like, "What ever for?"  And I said, "Because, why feel the pain when you don't have to?"  Then she laughed and walked away.  Rude.  I wasn't even kidding.  I think a handful of loritab isn't that much to ask for when I'm having my eyeball cut into, something inserted and pulled tight, and then sewn back together with shards of glass (or just regular stitches that FEEL like shards of glass, and therefor are pretty much the same thing.)  And I HIGHLY doubt that I'm just being dramatic.

(Has anyone noticed that my abuse of punctuation is out of control in this post?  Capitals and italics also count as punctuation, right?)


This blog was featured.  Yeah.  By invitation.  (Although, I don't think she really knew what she was asking when she emailed me).

You can read it here: Best of the Web: Be @ Home

But you'll have to scroll past all the gorgeous crafty and inspirational stuff to get to the part about my awesomeness.

It's times like these that I think, "You know, I should really put something useful on here every once in"


Jaron and Michelle said...

I kind of know what you are feeling with the migraine but instead of 4 kids I just have one that likes to scream at the top of her lungs in my ear. It doesn't help the ear ringing or head pounding thats for sure! I'm getting a steriod to stop it. I'm a little nervous to take it. I don't know if I want to. You need to get Dr. like mine. I get great med!
And I can't believe they won't even give you loratab for after surgery! I got percacet. Oh wait that was after my C-setion. I think I just got loratab after the eyes. ha I get them confused because they are so similar. ha

Melissa Bastow said...

I was going to somehow work your headaches into this post, since yours are worse...but it just didn't end up coming out. At least I know that my headache will eventually end.

I hope you don't grow a mustache on your steroid. (I'm totally laughing at my own joke right now...)

Barbaloot said...

Gosh-I cringe just thinking/reading about the pain you're going through. Hope the surgery goes well and miraculously solves all your problems.

Cynthia said...

Ack! I am so sorry! That is all sorts of sucky (except the part about your blog being featured which is all sorts of cool). I hope the pain ends soon and that the stitches really DON'T feel like shards of glass!

Rachel Sue said...

you know, the only one of my kids who cares when I turn into crazy mommy is my 3 year old. And he just doesn't like me to be loud.

Have you tried locking yourself in the car? It's much quieter when the kids find you and start banging on the door than it is if you do it in a bedroom.

charrette said...

I am cringing at the very thought of all this pain.
You deserve more than a handful of Loritab. Truly.

LisAway said...

Oh! The surgery! I'm just catching up after our trip and I'm so glad to find you've had the surgery! Great feature of you blog -- congrats!