Feb 28, 2009

random stuff - not that this is much different than usual, of course

My husband likes to read the dictionary. I know, I don't get it either. But then again, I don't read dictionaries as a hobby. The thesaurus? Yeah, maybe....in the bathroom.....if I've already counted all the bumps on the wall....and the ceiling.....usually I'm just not in there long enough. Which is probably why my vocabulary is so diminutive.

My 100th post is coming up soon. I'm wondering whether to celebrate it or not. Of course it's just the 100th on this blog. When I reached the magical number on my family blog I didn't realize that it was something to be recognized and totally missed it. But then again, what makes the 100th post so special anyway? I wonder if anyone will deliver balloons? Or flowers, perhaps? I would prefer chocolates actually. But I have a few more posts to go before all this happens. And since I haven't really decided on anything especially particular, it may just go by with no deliveries or hullabaloo of any kind. We shall see. (Call your florist, just in case.)

There is a house down the street that is 600 square feet bigger than mine (which is more than a 1/3 larger than here.) But it's selling for $50,000 less than we currently owe on our house. Is that not crazy? If we could swap houses I totally would. Except that the front of my house is way cuter. Just so you know.

Monkey frequently has to wear an eyepatch. Those sticky flesh colored ones that, from across the room, make him look like he just has a weird hole where his eye should be. Really, why make them flesh colored? If I had to wear an eye patch I would want it to be bright and exciting. And maybe it would help if they had pirate crossbones or even smiley faces on them. OOOOH, how about one with a fake eye painted on it? And maybe some fake eyelashes glued to the painted-on lid just for added realness. That would be great - no one would even be able to tell that you had a patch on! I'm a stinking genius - no one better steal my idea. I mean it. I'm getting a patent on this one. Because I'm thinking a two year old would FOR SURE love an eye patch knowing that it had a fake eyeball painted on it, versus the standard flesh-colored thing.

We have a lot of peanut butter in our pantry. Yes - you needed to know that. There will be a quiz later.

You know what's frustrating? My brain is so much more ambitious than the rest of me. Such as: I have this idea for a book that I want to write. As if I am in any way qualified to write a book - but that's really beside the point. Because once I sit down to start writing it I realize that it takes a whole lot of effort and time to write books, and I'm just too busy and uncommitted to do something that huge.

Also I thought it would be cool to start playing the piano again. Not to be all horn tooty or anything but I was really good in high school. Not concert hall good, but quite good enough. And now.....pffffft. Chopsticks, anyone? Because that I can play. Tonight my brain thought it would be cool to compose a song. Not like a hard one, but like a Regina Spektor/Kate Nash type song. I used to do stuff like that. Kind of. But it's like I'm going to follow through on something like this now. Plus, I don't even know what I'd write a song about these days.

I painted my bathroom last month. But I never went back in and touched it up. And I never taped the edges or anything when I painted it. It was kind of one of those impulse type moments. It looks quite horrid. I blame the ambitious brain that never follows through. That's me.

And on that note, I am going to drop this post. Because good endings take effort.


Jaron and Michelle said...

Wow that was interesting! I think you should start coloring and painting those eyepatches for your little monkey! I bet he would love to wear them even more. And it would be a fun activity. I use to color my bandaids with crayon all the time I'm srue it would add some pazzaz to them. Also first paragraph is wrong! You use to read the dictionary! When we worked at Penguin together. So sorry now you can't make fun of him cause I proved you wrong. ha

Jen said...

I will TOTALLY read your book. Right after I send you mine. And then we'll give each other rave reviews, and say how we laughed hysterically, and that they were the BEST danged books ever.

And now I have to go, because I have this little patent thing to take care of. It's gonna make me MILLIONS!

wonder woman said...

Wow. I read a lot of random posts (mostly ones that I've written) and I think this may honestly be the randomest ever.

We are in a similar situation with the house. One across the street was just purchased as a foreclosure -- GREAT. And they are currently building BRAND SPANKIN' NEW homes for what we paid for our 1953 home 18 months ago. (I try really hard not to swear whenever I hear the commercials on the radio.)

LOVE the eyepatch idea. Especially with the eyelashes. You should patent them.

Susan said...

How a bout a big ol' spider on a patch, like it's on your eye? Icky! I just read (true fact) that you're never more than 6 feet from a spider at any given time. After that, I was spooked out, and the next day, picked up some damp laundry that was laying on the floor, and a spider jumped out off of a shirt! (true story).I sware!

LisAway said...

They should TOTALLY have pirate type eye patches! Of course they should! The eye/lashes idea is pretty great too.

Write the book, lazy bum!

wonder woman said...

Just stopping by to say I have an award for you. I L O V E the way you write, and it's a cool picture, so you should take it. (You don't have to do the tag if you don't want!)

Motherboard said...

Love the randomness!

Do something special for your 337th post. I totally blew off my 100th post... but that was like 3 years ago. I had no idea you were supposed to be all generous and stuff.