Feb 17, 2009

a family vacation

We took the kids to Disneyland last week. It was stinking magical. My favorite souvenir from the trip is my lingering and ever torturous cold turned sinus infection. Thank you, germs, and the lazy blood cells that I like to call my immune system.


I decided that there are 3 types of kids at Disneyland. And that it's possible for one child to actually go through each type in phases, but mostly speaking they stick to one.

TYPE 1: The Excited Child
This is the kid that you see wandering around with glossy eyes taking in the magic that is Disneyland. The type of kid who runs up to the characters for hugs and dances dreamily through the crowded walk-ways. These children really believe that they are in some kind of enchanted land, even during the eating of an overpriced, yet not so fabulous corndog. I firmly believe that ALL children should be this way, but sadly it is not so.

TYPE 2: The Whatever Child
This is the kid who doesn't care where he is and passively takes whatever comes. This type of child could go to a museum on the history of earthworms and still be as excited as he is to be in Disneyland. This kid is not worth the price of a three day park hopper ticket - the museum is probably cheaper anyway. (Luckily kids under 3 don't have to pay, because Monkey's indifference would have been much more frustrating.)

TYPE 3: The Screaming Child or The Scaredy Kid
This is the kid who throws screaming wild tirades while waiting in line, but not out of boredom or impatience, but out of sheer horror. This is the child you have to run out of the 3D theaters with while they clutch to you making sounds at what could pass as a pig being tortured. This is the kid who screams, "Get me off of here!!!!" during the beyond mild Dumbo ride. This type of kid doesn't care if there's magic in the air or not, he (or she) will NOT enjoy Disneyland.

I'll give you 3 guesses at what type of kids I have. (Of course this will allow to guess each, so really you can't go wrong here.)

Let's just say that there wasn't a whole lot of type number one going on. And also that we had to convince our children that everything at Disneyland was just robots. And while we were at it we mentioned that the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny are both big fake-o's. Because really - how magic killing is to tell your kids that Buzz isn't real, and "oh hey, the Princesses wear wigs." And also some people will give you dirty looks when you force your screaming 4 year old onto a carousel and then Peter Pan and then command the still screaming child to stand next to Pluto for a picture.

And that was Disneyland. And despite the screaming outbursts, tired feet ("We don't need shuttles!" says Husband), and the sinus infection that has now consumed my face it was actually a really great trip! I believe we'll go back.....in like 6 years.


LisAway said...

FUN!! I think you really nailed the child types. My kids usually do a little of each but I can't STAND when they're dying to go on a ride but are terrified of it at the same time. I console and reassure etc. but there's still all that out-freaking and I don't love it.

Barbaloot said...

I love the image I get when you say it was "stinking magical." Describes my feelings of DisneyLand exactly.

RhondaLue said...

ha ha..I have those same types of kids. Throw in a princess 3 yr old with an attitude and an ADHD 7 yr old that is usually climbing the walls (and littel 4 yr old bro copies everything he does!)...I'm not sure hubby and I could safely take all 6 kids without assistance. Like an extra set of hands or something!

Heather said...

I was shopping at Harmons the other day when the Keebler Elf and some cookie thing came out of the back room for some store celebration they were having. They creeped me out. It was at that moment that I realized, "I can envision Maddie totally wigging out right now if she were here..... hmmm.... I bet Disneyland would NOT be an enchanted experience for her."

Ah parenting. Torturous for the adults.... humorous for the bystanders reading about it via blogs.

Anonymous said...

Disneyland is overrated.

(I'm glad you had fun.)

Claire said...

i'm glad you had a miserable time. Cos you've helped me cement my decision that we will NEVER go to Disneyland. Or Disneyland Paris. And you know that would be even more lame.

Any kind of holdiday that's centred around kids, I'm just not that into.

Yes, I'm selfish.

wendy said...

That's all part of the memories I guess. Where did you and hubby fit it---excited, whatever, or screaming. As soon as your feet heal (sure ya don't need shuttles eh) and your sinuses clear, you'll be up for another trip before 6 years.