Jul 2, 2015

The Perks of Age Gaps

I feel like since I stopped blogging I've become much less articulate.  And my vocabulary has shrunk down to just "really" "awesome" and "whoa".  Except I like to spell it "woah", because in my head it looks better.

I don't know if you know this, but I had another baby.  Seven and a half months ago.  And he's incredibly awesome.  Really.  (See?  I need new adjectives.)

Here's a picture of my new baby.  We call him Spike.

(If anyone is looking for a great photographer in Utah County - I can refer you to ours.)

For 3 more days my kids will be the ages: 11, 10, 8, 7, and 7 months.  But then the old one turns 12 and those first four sound much less dramatic.  There's a pretty huge gap between the two youngest though, and I have to tell you - IT IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD. 

I say that now, because it's true.  For now.  I might change my mind later.  But here are some of the major perks of having a bunch of kids, then waiting 6 1/2 years and having another one:

1- Built in entertainment.  Back in the day I had to pee with the door open.  Or stash the current baby safely in a bouncy chair in the bathroom with me to protect them from the current toddler/preschooler.  These days I just say "I need to use the bathroom, who wants to play with the baby?"  And I immediately have 4 happy volunteers.  And I can even stay in the bathroom and play games on my phone and no one even cares.

2- Built in babysitters.  This kind of goes along with that first thing, except it's better.  My oldest is just reaching an age where she can babysit, but no one else knows yet.  And she doesn't have a life yet either.  So guess who can run to the grocery store sans baby whenever they want?  ME.  Granted, I stress and worry about things at home the whole time, but I still get to do it.  So, yeah.

3- It's like having your first baby all over again except you're not stupid this time.  It seems like a really long time ago that my other kids were babies so it all feels new.  But it's not new.  So I actually know what I'm doing.  And while I get to re-experience all the amazingly wonderful joys of what it's like to have and hold and love a baby, I'm not stressed out about "doing things wrong" or "the baby just exploded like a chubby little poop bomb and I have no idea what to do" like I was when I actually had my first baby.  (Throwing a fully clothed, poop covered baby in the tub and hosing them down is a skill that just sticks with you, even if you thought you forgot about all that stuff.)

4- Babies are awesome.  It doesn't really matter WHEN you have them, they just are.  And Spike is kind of a stellar baby.  He's easy going, sleeps well, laughs at my jokes.  All the good stuff.  Not to mention, he's stinking adorable.  You saw that picture, right?  ADORABLE.

At this point, I would totally wait another six and a half years and have another baby.  I mean, we won't be doing that, but I would if I could.  Because it's just that really awesome woah.

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