Jul 20, 2012

the time that Netflix let me down

When I get sick I lay in bed and watch lots of Netflix.  Because that's what one is required to do when sick. This I know.

A few weeks ago I got really sick.  (Because summer is a time when illness go around.  Oh wait.  no - just for me.)  So I had to live next to my humidifier and take lots of naps and let my kids destroy my house in between rounds of video game playing. And, of course, I watched a lot of Netflix.

I was in one of my scary movie phases so I tried out a few that were obviously made with a $15 budget.

In one of the movies this guy has to stay in his apartment for 2 weeks without even stepping a foot out the door.  It only took him like a day and a half to go all psycho and start killing people and cooking his cat and stuff.  At that point of my illness I had been laying bed for a week and a half straight and hadn't even killed a single person.

I decided that particular movie was just stupid.

I also watched some movies with Vincent Price in them, because he's so creepy.  And also his hands are huge.

I don't know what life was like for him, but he was always attacking women in those movies.  I swear every time he was startled by a women the first thing Vincent Price would do is run up to her, grab her with his big scary hands, and shake the daylights out of her.  Then he'd literally toss her aside.  And the women would just take it from him without fighting back.

That just doesn't seem normal.

Netflix really needs to step it up for the next time I get sick.  Do you hear me Netflix people?  All that bad horror is totally your fault.


Caroline said...

I don't even know who Vincent Price is. GREAT. NOW I HAVE TO GOOGLE HIM.

Caroline said...

UPDATE: I googled him, and I still don't know who that is.

Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh! Hahaha you crack me up! Vincent Price IS creepy and he DOES have big hands...hahahahahaha! Oh man...isn't he in that one with the wax museum? That one freaked my husband out hahahaha, oh dear lol.