May 7, 2012

it's black!

Monkey and Number Four have been playing this really fun game with me lately.  It involves me being psychic. Which, you know, I'm totally not.

We have this ipad coloring app where they pick a picture and color the entire thing black.  And they yell, "NO LOOKING!" and hide when they do it.  Then they come back and they say, "Guess what it is?!"

And then I guess about 5 different things that are always wrong.

They just giggle, because, ha ha it's so funny that mommy can't read our minds.

And then I say, "Give me a hint."

And they say, "It's black!"

Uh, yeah?

So then I guess about 5 more wrong things that it could be.

And they giggle more - what a fun game!

Then I say, "Ok, so what is it?"

And they say, "You have to GUESS!"


But I tell them I can't guess, so they have to color it in front of me so I can see what it is.  And then I have to act really excited and say stuff like, "Wow, I never would have guess it was yogurt - you guys tricked me!"

Then I tell them I have to get back to work, but they're already off yelling, "NO LOOKING!" ready to play another 15 rounds.

1 comment:

elesa said...

These are the sorts of games my dad likes to play. "Guess which was the most popular boy's name in 2010?"

"Guess what is the best selling Disney Cartoon of all time?"

Ok, those sound more like just random trivia. Whatever. I'm glad you love the game so much!