Dec 5, 2011

a disaster, I tell you

Apparently I've turned into one of those parents that scrambles and searches and tries everything possible to get the season's hottest toy for their kid.  Because I decided that Number Four NEEEEEEEEEEDS to have a Leapfrog LeapPad for Christmas.

Except they're all sold out.


Except for Ebay, where you can bid against all the other parents that are scrambling and searching and trying everything possible to get one.  During the past month I've bid on about 20 different Leapster LeapPads.  But all the auctions are ending at DOUBLE the cost, and it's not like it's a cheap toy to begin with.

And now I'm really starting to stress out.  Because what if I can't actually get Number Four a Leapfrog LeapPad?!  I'm almost certain the world will stop revolving.  And Christmas will be ruined.  And probably angels will start plunging down from heaven because their wings will just suddenly disappear.  It will be a DISASTER, I tell you!


If any of you happen to have an extra Leapfrog LeapPad in your hand, that you don't want, I will buy it from you.  For not double the cost.  Because I am not quite that level of crazy yet (give me a couple more days).


Kristina P. said...

I don't even know what this is. But it sounds educational, so I am against it.

Caroline said...

This is why you needed to set low expectations for Christmas starting 5 years ago. REALLY, you need a time machine.

You're welcome for the advice.

Wonder Woman said...

I seriously saw one at DI 4 days ago. I almost bought it just for kicks. I wish I would have. I'd make a bundle off you.

elesa said...

You Should get him a notebook full of paper, or maybe a little whiteboard and a pen and write "Leapster Thingie" on it and show him all the wonderful things that it can do. He'll never know the difference.