Jun 6, 2009


I'm moving. As in, to a new house.

What, I didn't mention this before?

That's because we decided to move on monday and today they stuck a for sale sign in my front yard.

We'll just be renting a house for awhile after this, so I have already found one, turned in an application, and theoretically arranged all the furniture in the new place.

We could be moving next week.

Or the week after.

It's very stressful not knowing. I hate not knowing. Torture. That's what it is.

Plus, I've had to get my house ready to sell while simultaneously finishing my Green Jello with Carrots website. Which was no walk in the park, let me tell you. It was more like a walk through broken glass. Barefoot. Carrying an elephant. In the rain.

School is out. The screaming lasts all day now. No free time for Mommy. When I could really REEEEEEEALLY use some.

Last night I had a dream that I won a free trip to Florida. But I wasn't allowed to do anything fun. Because my mom wanted me to work with her all day in the hotel room. And my kids wanted me to hang out with them at the church. And Husband said I couldn't spend any money. And I just really wanted to go to the beach, get on a boat and sail far off into the ocean.

But I wasn't allowed on a boat. I wasn't even allowed to get near the ocean. Of course.

In this dream I kept seeing people I went to high school with. They all had fabulous, exciting lives. They got to sail in boats. And dream me was stuck, not allowed to have fun, on my free trip to Florida.

Also, dream me was fat. Usually I at least dream myself skinny (I've got to have one plus in dreamland, no?)

It wasn't hard to find the symbolism in this dream.

If my life is a horribly limited trip to Florida, then I think I want to trade my prize in.


Heather said...

You have no idea what kind of crap people have behind their closed doors. Don't be fooled by appearances. Your life is probably better than most and you just don't know it. How is that for minimizing your stress? haha. Sorry. Not my intent. ;o)

Emmy said...

Wow! You have had a busy week, no wonder why you are having weird dreams. Lots of change and chaos is sometimes more than we can handle. Good luck!!

the MomBabe said...

can't you pretend to be pregnant and unable to lift things for the next month? c'mon. you know you want to.

LisAway said...

There's nothing stifling or depressing about THIS post! :)

YOU NEED A BREAK Melissa. Seriously. Take your husband by the shoulders, shake him (hard) and tell him you need to escape. For some days. I really would try to. Get away and do something with a friend or a sister for a week or so. And be LAZY and enjoy SILENCE and eat CHOCOLATE.

That is my interpretation of your dream.

Barbaloot said...

Moving? I hope it's a good move---and you're excited and it goes well and you find someone to take your kids even for just a day so you get a break. That's all.

That Girl said...

You are allowed unlimited amounts of calories and massages when moving. I said so. It is done.

(Good luck, lady. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL.)

Jen said...

I have to go with the "pregnancy" idea. I for one have always managed to be pregnant during moves and/or remodels. Very effective.

Then again, there is the little matter of the consequence of pregnancy. Maybe just a good long case of the flu?

(Nice to read you again, by the way. You know you're on my list of people I must meet someday...)