Mar 11, 2016

A Not Yet Forgotten Moment

I have one grandma that loves telling us stories, but my other grandma never thinks her stories would interest us and therefore keeps them to herself.   Now that she's aging, she's sadly starting to forget the stories.  And besides that, she's wrong - her stories would very much interest me.

My grandma Deonna (Morgan) Van Nosdol, my dad in the middle, and my two uncles.
Sometimes I try to get tricky and ask round about questions to get her to tell me stuff from her past.  She gets upset when she can't remember certain things.  But then sometimes things just come right out.

For instance, a few weeks ago I was talking to her about a frustration I was having with one of my kids, and asked what my dad was like when he was younger.  Grandma started talking about how my dad was a very calm and serious child.  He would go outside behind their house, over by the clothes line, and build stuff all day.  He had wood and nails and he would keep himself entertained while my Uncle Bart played Tarzan by climbing all over their swing set.

She got a little smile on her face while she remembered.  It makes me think that maybe she misses those days.  And that maybe I should focus a little less on the frustrating parts of raising kids because some day I'll be the old forgetful one, happy to remember things like nerf guns and school plays.


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